In House

We are frequently contacted by law firm partners and associates who are interested in exploring a move in house.  We gladly accept their resumes and, when an appropriate opportunity arises, will consider them as candidates.  If any such candidates are placed, they owe no fee, as this is paid by our clients.

Some lawyers, though, do not want to passively wait for opportunities that may arise down the line.  We can significantly improve the odds of finding such a position, by counseling these lawyers on such important topics as:

  • How to develop a resume that will attract attention from HR departments and generals counsel;
  • How to network with other lawyers and business persons to be in line for in house opportunities that arise;
  • How to work with other recruiting firms so that you stay on their radar for in house jobs;
  • How to interview, and
  • How to negotiate your employment agreement before accepting an in house job.

We work with candidates who more proactively want to “go in house” on an hourly or project basis.

We also work with existing in house lawyers who either want to advance (especially to a General Counsel position) or otherwise change positions in the corporate world.  As our Founder advanced from an Assistant General Counsel to two different General Counsel positions, we have “real life” experience in how to make that transition.  We similarly provide such counseling and advice on an hourly or project basis.