The vast majority of the work that we do in the law firm arena is with partners/groups and in facilitating law firm mergers.  Because of this focus, we are highly selective as to the work we do with associates. 

When we do work with associates in connection with a lateral law firm move, it most often is with associates who are on the brink of partnership and/or have started to develop a solid book of business.  We can provide invaluable assistance to such associates in assessing the market and, if we proceed together, helping them navigate the process so that they land at a firm that will be the perfect home for them.

Even though most of the in house searches we perform are at a senior level, we often are asked to find associates who can fit a corporation’s specific need.  As the path to becoming an in house lawyer can be a long one, it makes sense to start a relationship early, so that you will be on our “radar screen” when the right in house opportunity does arise for you.  We thus encourage you to send a resume to us, which will be held in the strictest confidence.   You can do so by clicking here.