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What We Do
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Inevitably, a law firm partner will  wonder whether his/her firm is still the best home.  And, if he/she doesn’t make time for that reflection, he/she is doing a disservice to him/herself, clients, and other important persons.  The reason for this is that things change and, in this era, much quicker than they ever have.  This doesn’t mean that someone has to leave a firm, as it just may be that his firm continues to evolve and is the perfect place.  But…one can’t reach that conclusion without examination–failing to engage in that process breeds complacency that can be injurious.

We can help partners evaluate whether a move is in their best interest.  Our knowledge of law firms in markets around the country is deep and goes way beyond what is in a firm’s brochure or on its website.  Some partners may know a bit about a few, or even many firms in their market.  This often is based on personal experiences with lawyers in other firms in cases or deals in which he was involved, from which a partner extrapolates to assume that those lawyers are representative of the firm as a whole. 


In other cases, a partner’s perception of another firm is simply based on anecdotal “evidence” and scuttlebutt, both of which are often inaccurate.  It is our steadfast belief that making decisions based on such suppositions is not a sound way to evaluate career options. We comprehensively evaluate the market for partners and offer our assessments of the firms that best fit a partner’s practice, goals, and needs and perform that work based on daily interactions, feedback, and direct experiences we have with partners and law firm leaders.


Once a decision is made to move forward, we are out front leading partners through the process.  This protects a partner’s confidentiality and saves significant time so that he can remain focused on his practice.  The manner in which our partner candidates are presented separate us from competitors and go way beyond what a partner could do on his own behalf.  Our comprehensive profiles of candidates, as we are routinely told, are second to none and ultimately pay huge dividends to candidates. Our partner candidates are fully prepared every step of the way, as we expend considerable time and resources to fully educate them more deeply about those with whom they will meet and the firm, in general. 

Despite lawyers’ extraordinary skills, many are not the best when the time comes to negotiate their compensation and other aspects of their deal.  This is understandable, at least in part, as their frame of reference is what they know about their firm and any other in which they worked.  We negotiate partner deals with firms of all sizes, in markets around the country, and bring a perspective and skill set to the table that are invaluable to our partner candidates.  This ensures that nothing is “left on the table” and that they are fully protected in the deal they receive.


We do not bid adieu when the deal is finalized, however.  We work closely with partners in educating them as to the ethical and appropriate ways to separate from a firm and offer additional advice and counsel about their transition and integration.  We are quite proud of our track record and the results hopefully support that, as the overwhelming majority of the partners we have placed are still in the firms they joined through our efforts.