Law Firm Mergers

What We Do
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At some point in the life cycle of all firms, merger will be a consideration.  For some, the day may arise when founders or other leaders realize that they can best protect their clients, lawyers, and staff by combining with a larger firm.  For others, they understand that continued growth or expansion into a new market or practice area can optimally be accomplished by acquiring a smaller firm.  Firms in this latter category further appreciate that expansion by merger, if done correctly, can result in, among other things, significant cost and time savings.

We have done extensive work with acquiring firms and those looking to combine with a larger entity.  A few reasons why you should work with us include:

  • Unlike consultants who just mix and match firms for which they have done work, we comprehensively analyze a market and proactively contact all firms that could be a strategic fit.  In so doing, we are fully prepared and present candidate firms with a compelling package of information about our client;

  • We have a proven track record of success, as we have consummated three mergers (in three different markets) and have several others that are working their way through the pipeline;

  • We are uniquely positioned to lead these efforts, as our Founder is a former General Counsel who helped guide his company through a $450 million acquisition by a Fortune 100 company and now has gained even more extensive experience in the law firm M&A field, and

  • We do not simply make introductions; rather, we actively manage the process, help to facilitate due diligence, assist in negotiations, and work quite hard in providing counsel as to whether the deal should be a go or no go decision.