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What We Do
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As our name suggests, we have a singular focus in the recruiting sector of our business: we recruit and place lawyers.  We have developed a strong reputation in the recruitment of partners and groups for law firms. Much of our work is done on the East Coast, ranging from Boston to Miami, but we have also done considerable work in other areas, such as the Midwest, South, and West Coast.

We also are routinely approached by Partners who are interested in making a lateral move.  Our knowledge of the market, commitment to  protecting confidentiality, unsurpassed ability to present a candidate in a way that he cannot even do on his own, ability to streamline the process, and penchant for negotiating a deal that not only is rewarding but is also protective, is the reason why Partners rave about working with us.


We excel at law firm M&A and have consummated three law firm mergers, with several others that are winding their way through the process.  We do not simply “facilitate” such law firm combinations and do not only introduce existing client law firms to each other.  Rather, we lead the effort in identifying targets, contact managing partners, guide the due diligence process, and help in the negotiation of the final deal.  We have done this work throughout the country for firms that are looking to expand by merger and others that have decided the time is right to come together with a larger firm.  We have a passion for this work, which derives from our Founder’s experience in leading his own company, while he was a General Counsel, through a merger with a Fortune 50 company.

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